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Eye Exams

At Quality Eyecare, we recommend "annual" eye exams for everyone from 1 year of age on. Dr. Johnsey does have experience with infants but generally we currently recommend those too young to read conventional letters to be examined at a more pediatric specialized facility. A good way to find such a place is to search for an InfantSee American Optometric Association provider in your area. Most families of school aged children rely on the school to identify vision problems with their child. We recommend regular optometry exams especially during these critical developmental years.

Most adults only check their eyes when they need more glasses or contacts or when something is wrong. This usually works since most eye disorders cause visual symptoms but it is still a good idea to get regular complete eye exams. If you have insurance coverage there should be minimal expense involved. If you are diabetic or over 65 years of age it becomes more critical to check your eyes annually.

At Quality Eyecare we can handle routine or complex eye exams. We stock trials of most types of soft contacts and can order most everything else. If you have a medical problem with your eye such as an eye infection or need an eye check due to a medical condition then we should be able to bill your medical insurance to cover that visit.

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